Express facial
For all skin types (no mask)
30 Minutes $40.00

The gentle treatment is suitable for skin type.
In gently cleanses, Exfoliates and hydrates the skin for a beautiful glow. (No Extraction) extra $25.00
60 Minutes $80.00

Sea + C Facial
This treatment is perfectly suited for cit. the combination of the powerful antioxidant vitamin an Bio-Marine Extract Brighten even the most stressed skin.
90 Minutes $80.00

Orange treatment
Vitamin C & Restoration of color of the skin
90 Minutes $80.00

Micro Dermabration
Buffs away dead surface of skin layers, promotes skin rejuvenation non-invasive procedure.
(per session) $99.00
For 3 session $250.00

Deep Cleanse
This is perfect for those wanting to detoxify and decongest the skin of breakouts and blemishes. The use of two different treatment mask promotes Oxygenation of the skin cells
90 Minutes $99.00

Deep Cleanse
per session) $99.00
For 3 session $250.00
Oxygenation of the skin cells
90 Minutes $99.00

Couperose/Sensitive Skin
A complete anti-agening treatment for skin laking nutrients moisture and elasticity. Lift one´s active ingredients help restore celluluar communication and slow dwon the degenerative process.
90 Minutes $99.00

Collagen Plus
Get maximum results with this collagen plus facial. Proven to reduce line wrinkles, improve cell metabolism and skin regeneration. This treatment is perfect is perfect for those with mature aging and fatigue skin.
90 Minutes $120.00

Cellular Rejuvenation
7 Days treatment 1/3rd of the face´s epidermis. Promoting skin rejuvenation see consultant for more information

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